Social Initiatives

Woman's Cancer Foundation


Cedel has remained one of Australia’s most trusted and well-established hair care brands for over 80 years.

As an Australian owned and made brand Cedel has a continued commitment to helping enrich the lives of fellow Australians. Over the years Cedel has partnered with a number of Australian organisations to help achieve this.

In 2009 Cedel began a relationship with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), which culminated in becoming a gold partner in 2014. For over 8 years Cedel has proudly supported the NBCFs search for a breast cancer cure, donating over $300,000 in cash and products.

In 2016 Cedel looked to expand their social initiatives and formed a partnership with an Australian not for profit organisation doing incredible work for gynaecological cancer research- Women’s Cancer Foundation.

Women’s Cancer Foundation (WCF) is dedicated to reducing the mortality of gynaecological cancer, particularly ovarian cancer, through funding world leading research.

WCF recognizes that clinical research is vital for finding new treatments for gynecological cancers and improving patient care. Cedel will contribute thousands of dollars to Women’s Cancer Foundation and we stand alongside them in their dedication to make clinical research possible by providing funding for research nurses and ultimately saving women’s lives.

Cedel views Women’s Cancer Foundation’s commitment to gynaecological cancer research as a contribution to its corporate vision, to enrich the lives of its customers and employees.

Women’s Cancer foundation receives no government funding and rely solely on funds donated by the community and corporate partnerships, such as Cedel, to raise money for gynaecological cancer research.

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